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Fine & Hatfield, A Professional Corporation names new Shareholders.

J. Beau Dial and Adam S. Glass have been named Shareholders of the law firm of Fine & Hatfield, A Professional Corporation. Dial, a 2006 graduate of the University of Dayton School of Law focuses his practice of law in the areas of estate/trust planning & administration, guardianships/adoptions, real estate transaction/litigation, business/corporate law, and local government/municipality law. Glass, a 2007 Thomas Cooley School of Law graduate focuses his practice of law in the areas of civil litigation, insurance defense, business/commercial litigation, and product liability law. Fine & Hatfield’s team of attorneys specialize in advising and representing local and regional businesses of all sizes and the legal needs of professionals and individuals.

JoAnn Krantz Appointed To Criminal Justice Panel

Fine & Hatfield has received notification that JoAnn Krantz has been appointed to serve a three year term
effective, January 1, 2016, on the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the United States District Court, Southern
District of Indiana, Evansville Division.

Each year the court reviews the size of the Evansville and New Albany Panels to determine if they are large
enough to provide a sufficient number of experienced attorneys to handle the CJA caseload, yet small enough so
that panel attorneys receive an adequate number of appointments to maintain their proficiency in federal
criminal defense work, and thereby provide high quality representation. Appointments to the panel are made for
a three-year term based on the court’s assessment of the attorney’s history of CJA service or other proven ability
to provide federal criminal defendants with timely, attentive, high-quality advocacy; adequate continuing legal
education credits in criminal defense or federal practice; and attorney discipline and complaints.

Ms. Krantz joined Fine & Hatfield after serving four years as the Warrick County Prosecuting Attorney, six
years as the Warrick County Chief Deputy...

Wage and Hour Law Update

On May 5, 2015, Governor Pence signed into law House bill 1469 which becomes effective Jul 1, 2015 and amends portions of the current Wage and Hour law. This new law decreases an employer’s exposure for violations of the wage law and expands allowable deductions.

Previously, an employer that does not pay an employee within 10 days after the end of the pay period was subject to automatic liquidated damages of 10% each day that he amount remained due up to double the amount of unpaid wages. This was in addition to the actually unpaid wages due to the employee. Thus, the employee could receive triple what was owed, plus attorney’s fees and court costs. Under the new law, an employer is only liable for the amount of unpaid wages due and reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs. If the court determines that the employer acted in bad faith, the court may subject he employer to liquidated damages in an amount double the amount of unpaid wages owed. Bad faith is not defined but is usually interpreted by courts to mean some intentional/willful or grossly negligent act and not an innocent mistake. Thus, the exposure to employers has been greatly reduced.

Additionally, an employer may now deduct additional wages...

Krantz Receives Family Law Mediator Certification

JoAnn Krantz has been certified as a Family Law Mediator by the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum. Ms. Krantz attended 40 hours of Family Mediation Training from April 15-19, 2015. The intensive five-day course provides attendees with the opportunity to fulfill an important role in family law under the tutelage of experts in the field. Participants attended lectures and were required to roll play to learn the strategic mediation skills to help couples make decisions, how emotions affect the couple and children in a separation/divorce, effective techniques to deal with an impasse, how to recognize and deal with power imbalances and ethical concerns of the mediator.

Does your Estate Plan include ALL of your assets? Digital Assets and Estate Planning

You have gathered all of your insurance, retirement, bank account, and personal belongings information for your estate. You’re done right? Maybe not!

In today’s world, you have a vast amount of assets that you can’t physically touch or hold. For example, iTunes music and videos, your email accounts, your Facebook account, your Pinterest account, your Amazon account, your eBay account, and files and documents on your computer are just a few of the types of assets we term “digital assets.”

These digital assets are just as valuable as your other personal possessions and bank account information. In some case, such as an online repository of family pictures, it can be considered invaluable. According to some studies, the average person has approximately $35,000 worth of assets stored on digital devices.

Unfortunately, due to the Stored Communications Act of 1986, many Internet service providers are barred from disclosing your personal records to your family after your death unless you have specifically granted them that authorization. This means that many times all of your information stored online is forever unavailable to your loved ones.

Here at Fine & Hatfield, we work with you to...