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Glass to Speak to Businesses on Obamacare

Fine & Hatfield has teamed up with Old National Insurance to offer two upcoming public forums on the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and its impact on Tri-State businesses.

On Tuesday, February 5th, Senior Member Todd Glass will speak to small business (less than 50 employees) and also midsize employers (50-100 employees) along with Steve Snyder of Old National Insurance. The forum will be offered through the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana in conjunction with the Small Business Development Center, and will be held from 7:30-9:00 am at Innovation Point in downtown Evansville. Costs will be free for Chamber members and $10 for non-members. To register contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Also on Wednesday, February 20th, Todd Glass and Steve Snyder will team up again to speak on the impact of Obamacare on larger employers with more than 100 employees. That forum will be hosted by Old National Insurance and held at the Old National Bank Auditorium on the 4th Floor from 7:30-9:00 am. Registration information will be provided in the near future.

Is your Small Business Ready for Obamacare?

As a small employer, have you stopped long enough to seriously determine if your company will fall into the employer mandates of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (“ACA” or “Obamacare”)? Although large segments of the ACA become effective in 2014, key provisions of it have already started and what you are doing now as an employer will determine your “play or pay” status come January 1, 2014!

Employers with 50 or more employees will fall under the “mandate” to provide affordable health care to all of its employees with minimum coverages determined by the Federal Government. The ACA has numerous rules on how you count your employees and if it adds up to 50 “full time employees”, so are you sure you have less than 50 as defined by Obamacare? Did you know the ACA considers anyone with 30 hours as “full time”? Did you know your employee data as of 01-01-2013 is what will determine your status? What about your seasonal employees? Did you know the ACA adds up part time employees and that counts against the full time calculations? These are called “full time equivalents” and they are added to the mix, all for the purpose and intent of getting thousands of businesses to fall above the 50 employee...

Take Advantage Now for Inheritance Tax Savings

The Indiana General Assembly has passed a law that could potentially save you and your heirs thousands of dollars in taxes.

Beginning in 2012, the amount of inheritance tax due upon each individuals death will be reduced by 10% each year, until in 2022 the inheritance tax will be completely phased out. That’s just the start of the good news.

In addition, during the ten (10) year phase out, the inheritance tax exemption for "Class A Transferees" will increase 150% from $100,000 to $250,000. Who are "Class A Transferees"? That terms includes:

  • Natural born or adopted children and grandchildren;
  • Your parents and grandparents;
  • Your step children even if you have not adopted them, and their children;
  • The spouses of your children, grandchildren or step-children; and
  • Even a widow or widower of your child, grandchild or step-child.

Many estate and trust plans do not take full advantage of these exemptions. With appropriate planning by a qualified attorney, you can reduce inheritance taxes significantly. Here is an example of potential savings:

For Example
Barbara is a widow with one daughter and...


Do you think it is too expensive for you to finally complete an estate and trust plan for your family? Perhaps you should think again.

At Fine & Hatfield, we have taken great strides to make any number of estate and trust plans affordable for most everyone. Call and discuss your needs with a member of the Estate Planning or Trust Planning group at Fine & Hatfield, and then schedule a no-obligation initial consultation. If you do not choose to complete your estate or trust plan with us, the consultation is complimentary.

We will discuss your needs and then discuss up front the cost of implementing your customized estate plans. We custom draft your last will and testament and all advance directive documents that you will need for $600 or less, and can do the same for married couples for $750 or less. If you need family trusts or other intermediate level trust planning to meet your family’s needs, our rates are not only affordable, but you do not have any “guesswork” with our attorneys. We’ll be honest and forthright with you from the beginning. Our goal is to be your trusted attorneys for years and decades to come...


In 1913, Indiana joined in with almost every state in our nation by adopting an Inheritance Tax that taxed individuals receiving an inheritance upon the death of a family member or loved one. 100 years later, Indiana is now only one of only eight states that still implements an inheritance tax, as most states have repealed their inheritance tax program. In fact, Indiana is the only state in the country that still taxes children and grandchildren merely due to them inheriting assets from their parents and grandparents. However, the Indiana General Assembly has now passed a law that could potentially save you and your heirs thousands of dollars in taxes.

Beginning this year, the amount of inheritance tax due upon each individuals death will be reduced by 10% each year, until in 2022 the inheritance tax will be completely phased out. For example, if the amount of inheritance tax that would have been owed in an estate in 2011 is $10,000, that same tax assessed in 2012 will be 10% less, or $9,000. Each year, the amount of tax due on the same amount of money will be reduced by 10% until finally repealed completely.

In addition, during the ten (10) year phase out, lineal descendants (children and grandchildren,...